Welcome!  I’m a brown girl, with other brown friends and family and non-brown friends and family.  I started this blog because sometimes it’s hard out there for brown people and it’s easy to feel alone.   I hope this can give other people a safe forum to discuss their experiences.  I welcome all people to share in their thoughts and experiences, brown and non-brown alike.

Maybe we can enlighten a few people about how it is to live life differently along the way.

Sometimes I’ll write about my experiences and it will be really heavy.  But sometimes it will be funny, light and hopefully hopeful.  I hope you enjoy and participate in navigating being a brown person  in this crazy world.  My intention is to get through the next four years of uncertainty together.

A little about me–I’m a brown girl living in a very white world but in a diverse city.  I am dating and living with a Jewish man, have been for a few years.  I’ll refer to him as my SO (Significant Other) for anonymity.  Sometimes our relationship is easy and sometimes it’s really, really hard.  We come from different backgrounds and upbringings, and sometimes (often) we have different opinions and reactions on social and or political issues.  My relationship drives a lot of my experiences and constantly challenges me to do better.

I write about what I know, feel and experience.  I am tolerant and welcoming of all people.  I hope that this blog will help other people like me feel less alone.